Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rush Hour

Why does CSX and Amtrak have to run their trains during rush hour. In the mornings I usually get out of bed late anyway, and it just makes me even later for work waiting for those trains. Hmmm....maybe I should get up earlier? NOPE!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Innocent until proven guilty

This is just something Government teachers tell 11th and 12th graders. These days it appears that as soon as someone is accused of a crime most people accept the accusation as a sure sign that person is guilty. I suppose no person has ever been falsely or wrongly accused (insert sarcasm here).

Brook Rd. Walmart @11pm on a Friday night......

priceless. You have to be there to believe that freak show.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Barack Obama/George Bush

People, we gave G. Dubya 8 years to screw this whole thing up (economy, foreign relations, domestic affairs, etc.), please give President Obama more time to fix it. Not six months into his term and he was already catching hell for not having everything running smoothly. Patience people, patience.

It is what it is....

If one more half way educated person says this I will run amuck. Yeah, we know it is what it is. Can you please elaborate?
To you pro athletes: You've spent, on average, between 2 and 4 years in college. I know you didn't skip all of those classes. When a microphone is stuck in your face come up with something a little more intelligent sounding than "it is what it is".

Stephen A. Smith

PLEASE SHUT UP! This man really irritates me. He's the epitome of arrogance.

Sunday, December 27, 2009



First let me preface everything that follows by saying that in no way do I condone adultery. Now, with that being said, I believe it's safe to say that Tiger Woods is not the first man to stray from his marriage vows.

He's good looking, wealthy, and he's on the road a lot. You do the math and you come up with 13 mistresses, or whatever the count is now. A little off topic here, but I've actually gained more respect for him as a golfer. Where the hell did he find the time to practice?! But I digress. We're all naive if we think that athletes, entertainers, your corporate executives who travel regularly, etc. don't have an extra marital affair on the side. I pretty much assume that they all cheat. This doesn't make them bad people, just human. Unfortunately we make them out to be more than what they truly are.


In all the interviews or commercials that I've seen of Tiger Woods, not once did he claim to be perfect. Yet we have built him up to be something none of us will ever be. We as a society are very hypocritical. Tiger's not the only victim of our hypocrisy. Michael Phelps is one prominent figure who recently made headlines in a negative manner for doing what a lot of Americans have done, smoke some weed. Many of those in the media who are passing judgement have done much worse than the people they try to tear down. We build up our athletes and entertainers to be these flawless beings then we tear them down when we see a chink in the armor.


I was watching the Today Show about two weeks ago and they were discussing the Woods topic and Meredith Vieira was interviewing to two journalists who had been covering the Woods incident at some length. One journalist was particularly annoyed that Tiger was "in hiding" and he was incensed that Tiger was not answering the media's questions. He said that Woods should be right there on that couch answering questions.
This is a message to the media from me: Tiger Woods owes you nothing, zip, nada, zilch, bupkus, not a damn thing. He owes his wife and kids and that's where it ends. The media, at least in this instance, has a bloated perception of its importance.


I find it very odd that I have not seen any journalist or news outlet hold any of his mistresses accountable, with the exception of that hillarious comment by Joy Behar (just wish she hadn't apologized). Each and everyone of these women was fully aware that Tiger is a married man. They had a hand in helping him commit adultery. I'm pretty sure Tiger didn't have to put much effort into persuing these women, if any at all. Something tells me the fish just jumped right into the boat. One, if not more , of these women saved text messages and voicemails. They had agendas. Their first agenda was to hitch their caboose to the Tiger money train. Once they saw that Tiger had unhitched their cabooses from the train it was sell out Tiger time and cash in. The media should be ashamed of themselves for not holding these women accountable and for giving them a forum in order for them to profit from Tiger's downfall. It's a no brainer that these women are getting paid to tell their stories. Their not spilling their guts to cleanse their souls. Believe me, there's plenty of blame to go around in this fiasco and the blame doesn't stop at Tiger Wood's doorstep. There are no saints in this story.


If you pass judgement on Tiger please remember to take a look at yourself and examine your own life, past and present. How many times have you achieve7d perfection? Have you ever cheated on your spouse or fooled around with a married person?
This whole post can be summed up with Matthew 7:1: Judge not, that ye be not judged.